"The feedback has been amazing! Mike was one of the best speakers we have ever had!”

Chamber of Commerce, Next Gen Leaders

Mike has worked with some of Australia's leading businesses, such as...


Mike Symonds - Business Keynote Speaker

Helping businesses build better connections, stronger teams and captivating cultures.

Mike has worked with thousands of teams around Australia - boosting energy, building teams and creating engaging employee experiences.

Warning: Watch the video to see how much energy Mike can harness from a team - Less than 5 minutes into his Interactive Keynote!

Mike's motto is 'Have Fun, Keep it Simple and Make a Difference!'

Mike's Signature Interactive Keynote - INSPIRE, ENERGIZE & EDUCATE your team!

Business Keynote Speaker, Mike Symonds
Motivational Keynote Speakers, Mike Symonds
Mike Symonds, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Team Building Expert

Build Better Connections

Build strong, meaningful and connected relationships fast!

Relationships are the backbone of any successful Team or Business.

Stronger connections = Better relationships = Great outcomes!

This highly interactive and motivating keynote presentation provides delegates with simple, practical tools to build strong, trusting, and positive relationships with their employees, teams and customers.

Let Mike loose with your team as he introduces them to a menagerie of ‘people types’ – Tigers, Peacocks, Labradors, Owls and even the odd Dodo!

Each type has a unique gift, which when acknowledged and appreciated helps to build strong connections, better relationships, and great outcomes!

Mike will get your delegates energised, like they have never been energised before as he explores:

  • The importance of relationships and how we’re HARD-WIRED TO CONNECT
  • The one thing we ALL WANT, NEED and CRAVE
  • How to identify this ‘one thing’ in every person
  • SIMPLE STEPS you can take to FOSTER AND POSITIVELY SHAPE this ‘one thing’ in each other
  • The Power of ‘We’ versus ‘I’
  • APPRECIATION - the most under-utilised ‘relationship builder’

Not only will your delegates discover powerful practical tools to build better connections, they’ll also experience it first-hand right then and there – helping you to create a more positive, engaging and energized conference experience.

Length: 45 mins to 1.5 hours (also available as a workshop series)

Available Formats: Live, Virtual or On-line Program

Best Delivery Times: Mid-morning or after lunch

Great for: the whole Organisation, Teams/Departments, Leaders and Managers, Sales Professionals, Customer Service Teams

"I felt sorry for the people next door. With all the laughter from Mike's session, they certainly had 'speaker envy'.” – Fiona, Auscontact Association Conference


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